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About the Owner/Candle Artist
Jennifer King McCollom:

I was born to Phillip “Bo” King and Judy Ann Hoskins King in September of 1978. I was born and raised in McCreary County, KY! The perfect place to now call home. Growing up in a very close family, I learned the importance of love, respect and family life. Having graduated from McCreary Central and continuing my education at Somerset Community College and then the University of Kentucky I was able to expand my ability to adapt to cultures, environments and people.  Since then my life has been blessed with two wonderful little boys and a slew of friends and family. I have also experienced loss as equally bountiful. Having lost my father when I was 18, both grandparents the same day at age 20 and my mother at age 24, I needed to find a way to channel the hurt into something positive: Thus the birth of Angel Wings Candles.

Jennifer with her sons Nick & Ryan

Judy Ann Hoskins King
(Jennifer's Mom)

“Making every scent count”

Angel Wings Candles really began in September 2003 after my mother died in late August. I really felt lost and disconnected from even those I loved and cared about most.

Knowing I needed help I went to the doctor, a family friend, who told me everything I was feeling was natural and he wouldn’t see me on medicine for it. He said “Jennifer you need a hobby!”

I had no clue what I liked or what I was able to do. I loved candles. An obsession I inherited from my mother I am sure. With help, I began researching how to make candles, what was needed and where to obtain supplies. I wanted to be able to honor my mother with this new found hobby. My mother had a love for angels like nothing I had ever seen. She was drawn to them, to the details, to the perfection of them all. After mom died I was given most of her belongs and in that all of her angels. My favorite from her collection had a broken wing, but all I could see was perfection. She was beautiful, majestic, and broken. It was then I knew even something seen as damaged might just be the saving grace for someone in need.  It was because of this I named the company Angel Wings Candles. In honor of my mother and in acknowledgement of the damage/bad that makes us strive to succeed.

Candles are no longer just my hobby, they have become my passion! I strive for perfection and quality but no matter how hard you try for perfection conditions you cannot control will come into play. Humidity and temperatures can greatly affect the appearance of a candle. I can pour candles all day and each of them appears perfect, then the next day all of them sink in the middle. In the end, it doesn’t change the scent, color or even affect how the candle burns, but it does look damaged…. Just like momma’s angel!





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